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Thermal Profiling

Understanding your thermal conditions is imperative to optimising your processes. Elektron’s ThermaPro2 and ThermaFlux Voyager allow you to not only profile your current processes – ensuring the quality and consistency of your product – but to understand how you can make improvements and increase your bottom line.


The ThermaPro2 High temperature data logger is designed to pass through your thermal process and give you a clear picture of the thermal conditions and the effects on your products.  Encased in a thermal barrier it can withstand temperatures of up to 400⁰C for over an hour.

Heat Flux

Profiling Heat Flux (or heat transfer) within your oven will allow you to truly understand the effects of your thermal process on your products. 

Voyager is the latest generation of Digitron’s Heat Flux systems.  Developed in conjunction with Thistle Thermal Profiling it is the ultimate thermal profiling tool.  The system offers the most accurate heat flux readings on the market and the new software package allows the user to quickly disseminate data and analyze the effects of heat throughout your process.

The modular design allows you to build a system that meets your requirements.  The sensors are currently available for biscuit and bread manufacturing processes; however, we are constantly developing the system and looking for new applications.

Voyager represents a significant step forward in understanding exactly what is going on inside your ovens and how you can improve your processes.

High Temperature Datalogger with Encapsulating Internal Sensor

MonoLog 2 High Temperature Data Logger

The MonoLog 2 High Temperature Datalogger (MLTV16SI) with Encapsulating Internal sensor from MonoLog2.


Thermaflux is a simple to use heat flux data logger available with a range of sensor heads designed for use inside travelling ovens.
ThermaPro 2 High Temperature Data Logger

ThermaPro 2 High Temperature Data Logger

ThermaPro 2 is the latest generation of high accuracy datalogging instruments for use in extreme or harsh environments.