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MonoLog 2 High Temperature Data Logger

High Temperature Datalogger with Encapsulating Internal Sensor

The MonoLog 2 High Temperature Datalogger (MLTV16SI) with Encapsulating Internal sensor from MonoLog2.

Digitron provides a comprehensive portfolio of portable dataloggers which all use the latest electronic technology and software.

These dataloggers are compact, self powered devices which can measure and record almost every possible critical condition using a variety of internal and external sensor types.

Key Features

  • 0°C to +125°C temperature range
  • 16,000 readings memory
  • -40°C to +125°C storage temperature
  • ±0.3°C, Res. 0.5°C
  • T90 of 4 min in moving air temperature response time
  • IP68

 Ref: MLTV16SI


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Product Accessories

Interface Cradle (MLLINK-USB) Interface Cradle (MLLINK-USB) MLLINK-USB Interface cradle, use for programming and data retrieval from Escort data loggers.
Starter Key Magnet (MLKEY) Starter Key Magnet (MLKEY) MLKEY Starter key magnet can be used to activate data logger when a predetermined start date is not suitable.
Escort Console software (MA-SWP-CON) MA-SWP-CON Escort Console software for programing and analysis of the data retrieved
Escort Software User Admin Pack (MA-SWP-UAP) MA-SWP-UAP Escort software User Admin pack to upgrade for 21CFR11 use.
Calibration Certificate for Instrument Only (CAL-CERT-INST) Calibration Certificate for Instrument Only (CAL-CERT-INST) Certificates of Calibration, which are often essential as part of quality assurance systems, can be purchased alongside your new instrument.


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