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Food and beverage

Digitron offers a wide range of temperature monitoring solutions to businesses throughout the food and beverage industries. We strive to offer a range of high quality and cost-effective solutions, whatever your need. (more)

  • Food service
    Retail, Service and Catering – A range of quality and cost-effective thermometers to ensure that you are meeting your HACCP requirements, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability. (more)

  • Food manufacturing
    We understand the need for quality and durability with the food manufacturing process. Our instruments have been designed to withstand the harsh environments of food manufacturing to ensure accuracy and durability. (more)

Cold chain logistics

Maintaining the correct temperatures throughout your cold chain can be a difficult and costly experience. Digitron offer a complete range of data loggers, thermometers and wireless monitoring solutions to give you the peace of mind that your products are being stored and transported within the correct limits, ensuring the quality of your products upon delivery. (more)

Thermal profiling

Understanding your thermal conditions is imperative to optimising your processes. Elektron’s ThermaPro2 and ThermaFlux Voyager allow you to not only profile your current processes – ensuring the quality and consistency of your product – but to understand how you can make improvements and increase your bottom line. (more)


Digitron’s range of HVAC handheld instruments have been designed with HVAC engineers in mind. We offer quality and durable instruments made to meet the demands of field engineers. Our PM range and 2000 series manometers offer high accuracy readings without sacrificing durability. (more)


Our 2000 series pressure meters and thermometers offer rugged casing and accurate readings for use in a wide range of industrial applications, from manufacturing processes to the oil and gas industry. (more)

Scientific and pharmaceutical

Digitron, in partnership with Escort Dataloggers, offers a wide range of temperature monitoring solutions to ensure critical temperature requirements are met within the scientific, medical, life science and pharmaceutical industries. Our extensive range of data loggers will ensure that your products and specimens are kept at the correct temperature throughout the cold chain.(more)